One-Shot Wayfinding Method for Blind People via OCR and Arrow Analysis with a 360-degree Smartphone Camera

Image credit: Seita Kayukawa
In 18th EAI International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems Computing, Networking and Services


Signage is standard in public buildings and shows directions toward points of interest to help visitors find their way, but it has little benefit for blind people.

Our one-shot wayfinding method assists blind people indetermining the correct direction to a destination by taking a one-shot image. This wayfinding method recognizes surrounding signage in all directions from an image captured using a 360-degree smartphone camera.

Our method provides text-to-speech feedback of the estimated direction to the destination and gives vibration alerts when the blind user faces the indicated direction.


Yutaro Yamanaka
Yutaro Yamanaka
Master course student